10 12 2009

vijte kakvo namerih v wolfquest za novata versia
Image: Wolfquest: Slough Creek: Survival of the Pack!
The second episode of WolfQuest, entitled „Slough Creek“ is currently in development with a release date in late 2009. This episode is set in Slough Creek, a river valley in northern Yellowstone National Park. Here, you and your mate from Episode 2 must find a den, establish a territory, and then raise your pups. Pups will be six weeks old, with coloration based on the coats of your wolf and your mate. You will be able to interact with your pups (in fact, it will be essential to their survival!), though you will not be able to design them. The game will accurately reflect real threats to pups, and like real wolf pups, it is quite possible that some will not survive. So you must do your best to take care of them!

This episode is funded by Best Buy Childrens Foundation, the Shakopee Mdewakanton Sioux Community, and the Minnesota Zoo Foundation!

Game screenshots | Preview Video


* When is the new episode coming out?
Episode 2 will be released in late 2009.

* What will the missions be like?
Unlike Episode 1, WolfQuest: Slough Creek will have a series of missions that you must complete in order to advance through the game. Several of those will focus on raising and protecting your pups.

* What will the dens be like?
Tiny and cramped! In fact, because real wolf dens are so small (hardly room to turn around), you will not be able to enter the dens. You will have a choice of dens from several sites throughout the Slough Creek area.

* Any changing of seasons or night & day?
The episode will take place in May, since that is when real wolves are raising their pups. To make the most of our resources, the episode will be set in just one season, so we are skipping winter and focusing on spring. One mission will take place at night.

* Will you be able to explore both Amethyst Mountain and Slough Creek?
This episode will focus on Slough Creek. You will use the same wolf pair from the first episode, just in a different part of Yellowstone.

* Will Episode 2 be a free download like the first episode?
Yes, it will again be free to download. The new download will contain both episodes 1 and 2, and you must have found a mate in Episode 1 before you can play the new episode. You can of course open any saved games (wolf name, experience points, mate, etc.) in Amethyst Mountain if you wish.

sujeliavam no videoto e zabraneno da se kopira ne davat ako niakoi iska da stane admin v wolfquest i beta tester kato men da ni prati po emaila cp.wq@abv.bg




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